Final Report

The Final Highway Cover Evaluation and Alternatives Report (CAP Report) of the Independent Cover Assessment team summarizes the assessment of the project record, community design input from a variety of community stakeholders, and the feasibility analysis of those cover concept scenarios that were developed based on community stakeholder feedback. The Independent Cover Assessment team’s charge was to conduct a thorough examination of ways that alternative highway covers could be designed to lay the groundwork for providing greater restorative justice and community benefits for the Black Albina community through the Rose Quarter Improvement Project.  The Final Report includes a summary report and several appendices that provide individual summaries on specific elements of the technical feasibility work that was conducted on the highway cover scenarios developed for consideration by community stakeholders.

The Independent Cover Assessment team’s independent and transparent community engagement process incorporated the feedback and preferences communicated by representatives of the Black historic Albina community, including Oregon Department of Transportation’s project advisory committees and the larger community at each stage of the study process.  The study findings and the final cover recommendation made by the Rose Quarter Improvement Project’s Executive Steering Committee to the Oregon Transportation Commission were informed by community stakeholder rankings of the final design scenarios. The Independent Cover Assessment team’s community engagement process is described in Appendix M-Facilitation Needs Assessment of the Final Report and the final results of the process are summarized in Appendix L-Facilitation Needs Assessment Summary of the Final Report.

View of conceptual new development on top and around the highway cover looking across the cover east to west.

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